These Aren’t the Cops You’re Looking For; Police Arrest Woman Dressed as Stormtrooper on May 4th in Canada


Lethbridge, Alberta – A woman who was just enjoying herself, adhering to social distancing and wearing a face covering, dressed as a Star Wars stormtrooper on May the 4th was arrested by Canadian Police.  Officers descended upon the stormtrooper with guns drawn and arrested the woman.  The Lethbridge Police are now investigating the actions of their officers after they received calls reporting firearms complaints.   The woman was in costumer, promoting a local business when police arrived.

Apparently Canadian police never watched Star Wars, because if they did, they would know that even if her E-11 blaster was real, she wouldn’t be able to land a shot on anyone.

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“The Lethbridge Police Service has initiated a service investigation into the actions of several officers who responded to a report of a firearms complaint Monday morning,” the department said. “On May 4, 2020 at approximately 11 a.m. police responded to two 911 calls reporting a person in a Storm Trooper costume carrying a firearm along the 500 block of 13 Street North. Upon police arrival the subject dropped the weapon but did not initially comply with further police directions to get down on the ground. The weapon was ultimately confirmed to be a fake firearm and the female subject, who indicated she was an employee promoting a local business, was not charged. The female sustained a minor injury but did not require medical attention.”

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Upon reviewing the file and additional information, including video circulating on social media, Chief Scott Woods has directed a service investigation under the Alberta Police Act that will look into whether the officers’ acted appropriately within the scope of their training and LPS policies and procedures.
As the matter is now under investigation, police will not conduct interviews or comment further in order to protect the integrity of the ongoing investigation.
In response to a number of public comments and inquiries being received, police advise the community that regrettably we do not have the capacity to respond to every individual call and message.
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