Pay To Play Report: New Jersey Assemblyman Ronald Dancer


NEW EGYPT, NJ – As we continue our ongoing investigation into the lavish publicly funded lifestyles of New Jersey’s elected state leaders here at the Jersey Shore, we’ve found a few bad apples.   Some of those legislators have as many as 24 personal public jobs.  In today’s investigation, we find the man who is on the opposite end of the spectrum, District 12 Assemblyman Ronald Dancer.

Dancer, according to his financial disclosure form filed last month with the State’s Election Commission Law Enforcement agency shows a much different story than Assemblymen Greg McGuckin, Brian Rumpf and Christopher Connors.  Dancer holds no public jobs other than his elected position in the assembly.  We also found Dancer is a dedicated volunteer.

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He serves as a Plumsted MUA commissioner and on the Plumsted Planning board in his hometown, and doesn’t take a salary or benefits for his volunteer duties there.  Dancer also serves on the Ocean County Board of Social Services and the Ocean County Natural Lands Trust Fund Advisory Committee.   Both of those positions are also volunteer positions with no compensation or benefits.

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