Unemployed in New Jersey? Letters Sent Told People to Wait Until 2040 for Call

TRENTON, NJ –  It’s bad enough that many New Jersey residents who are out of work applied for unemployment as far back as two months ago and still haven’t received confirmation of their benefits.  Now, many of New Jersey’s unemployed are being told by the state’s automated system that they have to wait until 2040 to speak with the New Jersey Department of Labor to talk about their eligibility.

“I assume that 2040 is a typo, but please God, tell me that’s the case,” Murphy asked his representative from the Department of Health.

“Originally there was a place holder date that was 2040 and that was fixed weeks ago,” said Department of Labor head, Robert Asaro-Angelo.  Asaro-Angelo said many people are getting notices for appointments for June and July but those dates are also changing, according to the state.

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When Murphy was asked Thursday about firing Asaro-Angelo for his handling of the unemployment process, he replied, “Rob’s not going anywhere, this is a 500-year flood and he is and his team has laid it out. But all I would say is to anyone who thinks that, go to another state.”

Stock Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash.