Caught Red Handed Again, Gibbs Funneled $162,000 to Phil Murphy Sanctuary State Democrats


TRENTON, NJ – Former Burlington County Freeholder and Republican Congressional candidate Kate Gibbs just gave New Jersey’s sanctuary state Democrats a whopping campaign contribution of $162,000 to help them defeat Republicans in statewide elections for 2020.  Gibbs, who serves as Deputy Director of IUOE Local 825 and her union gave 25 different New Jersey assembly and senate Democrats approximately $8,200 each.   That money will be used to try to defeat Republicans on Election Day in 2020 and 2021.   If that’s not bad enough for Gibbs, who is trying to win over GOP voters in the primarily Republican stronghold of Ocean County in her July primary election against David Richter, try this on for size, in 2017, the workers’ union she manages actually endorsed Governor Phil Murphy. Gibbs joined the union in 2014.  Gibbs gets paid to play both sides of the aisle in New Jersey politics. It’s her job.  That’s not a trait President Trump needs as he and the Republican party try to win the House majority and a Presidential election in 2020.  Perhaps, more fittingly, we can say Gibbs was caught “BLUE” handed.

Gibbs and her union helped Governor Phil Murphy defeat Republicans in 2017

In Gibbs’ union’s “826.News” newsletter, chairman Greg Lalevee said, “Local 825 leadership and members rallied in support of Phil Murphy. Murphy is the current frontrunner against several other Democrat candidates in the June 6 primary. He has supported issues important to organized labor and has won wide support from labor groups. If he becomes the Democrat candidate in the primary, he will campaign for governor against the Republican candidate.”

After helping Murphy defeat Kim Guadagno, Lalevee was a key player on Governor Phil Murphy’s Transition Team.  Gibbs, according to the union’s political action committee is a top-ranking official in the union’s political action committee.

But Money Couldn’t Buy Gibbs Love in Ocean County

Gibbs, was chosen by the Ocean County GOP Republican leadership team after the union donated $13,200 to Republicans Greg McGuckin, John Catalano Christopher Connors, Brian Rumpf and Diane Gove.  In exchange for her generous political contribution, those individuals led an endorsement campaign for Gibbs despite a bombshell news story about her Criminal record was published by the Asbury Park Press.  Gibbs lost her nomination battle to Richter after a rank-and-file floor vote defeated her bid to get the nomination here and overturned the party elite’s endorsement of her campaign.

Whether or not Gibbs’ six-figure donation will impact her GOP primary election in Ocean County remains to be seen.   In 2016, Gibbs’ campaign manager, Chris Russell absolutely killed Ocean County GOP Chairman Frank Holman after Holman’s firm donated several thousand dollars to North Jersey Democrats which helped the Democrat party flip key battleground elections in previous years.   Russell refused to comment on Gibbs’ much larger campaign contributions this year to Democrats statewide.  Russell dubbed Holman the “Six Million Dollar Man” and criticized his vast wealth attained from pay-to-play political contracts and greasing both sides of the aisle for financial gains.

One thing is certain.  In her role as Deputy Director, Gibbs is bankrolling the Democrat party in New Jersey and while her labor union PAC does also donated to Republicans, her sizable contributions to the Democrat party to defeat the GOP could be a deal-breaker for the die-hard Republican base here in Ocean County.   The case can also be made that Gibbs and her union publicly financed Governor Phil Murphy, who has forced businesses to close and put New Jersey workers on an unemployment line that doesn’t pay.   If Gibbs is playing ball with Democrats in Trenton and across New Jersey, why should anyone trust that she won’t make deals with Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Andy Kim, Ocasio-Cortez and the rest of the lot down in D.C., you know if it’s in the best interest of her union pals?

Kate Gibbs, is no good for New Jersey. She’s no good for America.  Right now, the people of Ocean and Burlington Counties need a strong leader with a backbone, to fight the tyrants in D.C. trying to destroy our country, not a union lackey who will finance hundreds of thousands of dollars to support sanctuary state Democrats and Governor Phil Murphy’s liberal agenda here in New Jersey!

In Burlington County, her congressional campaign is also being funded by the union.  Gibbs gave the Burlington County GOP $25,000 in union campaign cash.  Gibbs subsequently received the party’s endorsement in that county.


Here are the Democrats Kate Gibbs donated money to so far in 2020:

Friends of Ronald Rice Democrat $8,200.00
Gopal for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Greenstein Foe Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Madden For Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Nellie Pou for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Nick Sacco for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Scuatari for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Stack for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Solomon for JC Council Democrat $500.00
Cumberland Democrats Democrat $2,000.00
Union County Democrats Democrat $10,000.00
Carteret Democat Org. Democrat $1,000.00
McLaughlin for S. Amboy Democrat $1,000.00
EFO Dawn M. Addegio Democrat $8,200.00
Charles Whalen for Council Democrat $500.00
CMTE M Teresa Ruiz Democrat $8,200.00
Cryan for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
CTE Patrick Diegnan Democrat $8,200.00
EFO J. Beach for Senate Democrat $8,200.00
Election Fund for Bob Smith Democrat $8,200.00
Election Fund for Joe Vitale Democrat $8,200.00
EFO Loretta Weinberg Democrat $8,200.00
EFO Nia H. Gill Democrat $8,200.00
EFO Senator R. Codey Democrat $8,200.00
Friends of Ronald Rice

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