One Republican New Jersey mayor openly defies Murphy ban on drive-by celebrations

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MONTVALE, NJ – It might rise to the level of state-sponsored terrorism, but Montvalle Mayor Mike Ghassali isn’t letting the Grinch, aka Governor Phil Murphy stop him from spreading joy and smiles to children throughout his community. On Saturday, Ghassali read off a list of streets and neighborhoods where his town’s police and fire departments will be hosting drive-by parades to celebrate birthdays for young children.   This comes as Murphy doubles down against the activity in the state.  Ghassali is, in Murphy’s eyes risking human life, because after all, it has been proven that COVID-19 now travels from car and truck horns, through the air and infects communities with COVID-19.   Ghassali might have just put himself on Murphy’s most wanted list and may now be considered a domestic terrorist in the eyes of the Murphy regime.



Saturday means a birthday parade. We will be making noise starting at 1pm today on these streets MadisonArthur ctMurrayMarionSunny sideJuneAkersFoxhillOld Chestnut Edgen Happy birthday and you around town.

Posted by Mayor Mike Ghassali on Saturday, May 9, 2020

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