Soviet Union Style Crackdown Caught on Camera in NYC Park

NEW YORK CITY, NY – You will assimilate.  For anyone who grew up during the Cold War, watching Cold-War and Soviet-era propaganda, the following video will send chills down your spine.  New York City Police broke up a rally using a loudspeaker recording that was looped to play a Soviet-style propaganda message.  It was something right out of a 1980’s Cold-War suspense movie.  Back then, those movies are what got Americans fired up as we watched freedoms of people across the world get taken away country by country as communism spread through Europe and Southeast Asia.  Now, it’s happening in Democrat-controlled states, including New York, New Jersey and Michigan.

Breaking News:  If not the feds, then who will hold Cuomo responsible for thousands of COVID-19 nursing home deaths?

“This is the New York City Police Department. Non-essential gatherings of any kind of have been prohibited by the governor and the mayor.  This gathering is unlawful and you are ordered to disperse. If you fail to disperse immediately, you are subject to arrest,” the recording said, over and over.  Protesters shouted back at police.