D-List Actors Flip Out Over Armed Protesters At Subway Restaurant

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RALEIGH, NJ – Armed lockdown protesters caught the ire of a handful of d-list actors after a Raleigh, North Carolina journalist captured their visit in pictures.  One man was carrying an AT-4 rocket launcher and a .50 caliber machine gun.   Of course many snowflakes called the AT-4 a bazooka, which were phased out of service in the 1960’s.  So, they’re probably all of the hippie boomer snowflakes.

Here’s what the D-list nobodies had to say about this display of ‘merica.

Pat Oswalt, primarily a voice over actor said, “Assholes. Frightened, dipshit assholes, every single one of them. The guy in the first pic brought an AT4. To buy a sandwich. And chips and probably a cookie. “I feel safe wif mah gun and Imma get a cookie I wanna cookie yay guns.”

Pat’s dad was a Marine…somewhere he failed.

D-lister Kathy Griffin who suicided her own career a few years ago had this to say, “Is this one going for a young, punk rock, Yasser Arafat look? Republicans ordering sandwiches at a Subway Sandwich in Raleigh, N.C.”

It was her best performance since bloody trump head.

Mia Farrow, who can honestly play the live-action role of “Corpse Bride” said this, “Arrogant, armed stupid white privilege.”

Well, there ya have it.  Hollywood’s D-list has spoken.