Declaration O’Scanlon: Senator Says Call for All-Out Rebellion Against Murphy Was Just a Joke

MONMOUTH COUNTY, NJ – Monmouth County-based Senator Declan O’Scanlon called for an all-out rebellion against the draconian executive orders and restrictions placed upon New Jersey residents by Governor Phil Murphy.   That was on Saturday night.  By the time Monday rolled around, his buzz was gone and the hangover subsided, O’Scanlon said he was just kidding.  Then he announced he was working with Democrat Senate Majority Leader Steve Sweeney on a pro-public union COVID-19 bailout bill.

“So…first time I’m going to suggest this….but it’s time. Everyone…defy the @GovMurphy! Go outside your house!! It’s ok, you can trust me! Look South/Southeast…revel in that moon! We’re likely going to take this rebellion a few steps further next couple weeks. Get ready!,” he tweeted Saturday.

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Today, Governor Murphy said O’Scanlon was a good guy and a good friend.

“It was mostly tongue in cheek, but meant to represent the immense frustration the business community is feeling, and that frustration grows every day,” O’scanlon said as he backpedaled on his Saturday night Declaration O’Scanlon.  “I was trying to express the growing frustration from the business community that is simmering under the surface, and that frustration and tension is growing every single day. It’s going to boil over…since that tweet went out, I’ve heard from a lot of people, including a lot of Democrats, who say we need to reopen and we need to do it now. Economic health is public health.”

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O’Scanlon then announced that he signed up with Democrat Steve Sweeney on legislation that will allow the reassignment of public workers during the COVID-19 crisis to allow them to work other public jobs instead…and instead of allowing already out of work New Jerseyeans equal access to those other public jobs.   You know, maybe ones like…Social Distance Compliance Officer.