She Wanted McDonalds, But Didn’t Have a Car


BRUSSELS, BELGIUM – If you don’t already know, McDonald’s has a firm global policy.  If you don’t have a car, you can’t order from the drive-thru.  But, with McDonalds closing its indoor dining facilities across the globe, if you don’t have a car, you’re not getting McDonalds.  After being stuck in quarantine for weeks, one Belgian girl thought of an incredibly ingenious idea. So her mom made her own car and invited her to come with her through the drive-through.   Her daughter though it was a dumb idea.

“My daughter wanted to go but I told her we couldn’t since we don’t have a car and we couldn’t go with somebody else either, because of the lockdown,” Nathalie Moermans said in an interview with the Belgian media.  “At the beginning, my daughter thought it was a stupid idea — she was embarrassed. So I started building the car on my own and then she started helping me. I told her it would give her some nice memories to tell her children about their grandmother’s crazy ideas.”

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