Jackson Police Save Woman on Attempted Suicide Call

Health and Wellness/Police Blotter

JACKSON TOWNSHIP,  NJ – One of the unfortunate bi-products of the nearly two month long lock down across New Jersey has been an increase in suicide and mental health problems across America.  In Jackson Township, police responded to an attempted suicide call [name and address withheld] and with the help of the Jackson First Aid department, the patient was saved.

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According to police, on April 29th at 10:27 am,  officers responded to a residence in the township after receiving a report from a person indicating that a female friend of the caller had intended to commit suicide. Officers checked the residence and were unable to make contact with the female. After confirming that she was inside the residence, officers forced entry and discovered her unconscious in the bathtub with numerous empty prescription medication bottles in the room. She was removed and officers administered Narcan and then first responders began administering CPR. Lifesaving efforts were then taken over by Jackson First Aid and she was transported to an area hospital for treatment.

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