Murphy, Callahan Warn NJ: Stop Leaving Feces and Urine in Bottles in Parks


TRENTON, NJ – While New Jersey’s parks and beaches are now open, Governor Phil Murphy has not allowed bathrooms in those parks to be opened, which has created a new epidemic within the pandemic.  People this weekend, according to New Jersey State Police Superintendent, Colonel Patrick Callahan, are defecating in public parks and leaving bottles filled with urine behind.

“I’m sorry to report that the parks being open our state park police reported an inordinate amount of urine and feces being left behind in the parks in in water bottles,” Callahan said. “There is a zero tolerance policy for that.  The whole idea behind the parks is to give our citizens the ability to go out there and enjoy fresh air and have time outside and that. That report from the park police was certainly disheartening to say the least.”

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Callahan said New Jersey’s park police, county sherrifis officers and the state police will be watching for that going forward.


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“We understand that the restrooms and public restrooms are closed but people should plan according accordingly and should not be urinating in bottles and leaving them behind,” he said. “I think that may lead us to take a different approach moving forward if could speak for the governor in that regard so, uh, really I  ask that, uh, that type of behavior not go on.”
“I like your phrase zero tolerance that you’re not gonna get a warning if we catch you leaving something like that behind,” Governor Murphy said. “So folks please don’t do that.”

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