New Bill Seeks to Make Red Light Cameras Illegal in New Jersey

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TRENTON, NJ – A new bill introduced in the New Jersey Senate would forever ban the use of traffic cameras to issue tickets to drivers.  Several years ago, Brick Township became the last municipality to employ red light cameras and the entire ordeal was a fiasco.  Mayor John Ducey, a Democrat undid the system put in place by Republicans before him.

This new bill prohibits the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission and other state entities from disclosing the personal information of New Jersey drivers to another state for the purpose of allowing the other state to impose or collect a fine resulting from an alleged violation committed in that state and captured by a red light camera or a speed control device.

     The bill defines “personal information” to mean any information that identifies an individual, which information may include an individual’s photograph, social security number, driver identification number, name, address, or telephone number and a “traffic control signal monitoring system” as an integrated system or device utilizing a camera, or a multiple camera system, and vehicle sensors that is capable of automatically producing a recorded image of an alleged violation that shows a motor vehicle unlawfully entering and continuing through an intersection controlled by a traffic control signal and a portion of the motor vehicle sufficient to clearly identify the motor vehicle.

Photo by Paweł Czerwiński on Unsplash

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