Letter: Maybe It’s Time To Recall Toms River Mayor Mo Hill


After watching last night’s council meeting as a resident of Toms River I am beyond disgusted and embarrassed at what I witnesses by elected officials that serve at the residents of our town’s pleasure. In the middle of a Pandemic that has left 90 percent of Toms River unemployed the council and the Mayor decided it would be prudent to carry out a political hit job using his accomplices on the council to attempt to strong arm Councilman Dan Rodrick into resigning. With no evidence or credible corroboration they smeared his reputation impugned his character and made a mockery of our governing body in Toms River all to provide Political cover for A Mayor who has spent his first five months in office engaged in a high stakes political game to consolidate power and hand out no bid contracts and build his pay to play network with Assemblyman McGuckin  pulling his strings the whole way like he does in  the 24 other towns he holds public jobs in and the over 40 municipalities his firm is employed by. Assemblyman McGuckin and Mayor Hill are the example of just how broken our towns and counties political system has become instead of running for office to serve their community they only seek to serve there donors, cronies and ultimately themselves.

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If what is alleged to have gone on here by the MUA commissioner and Councilman Rodrick actually took place then Mayor Hill and Assemblyman McGuckin  should immediately resign and be investigated.

It seems we have an Assemblyman who basically tried to extort an MUA commissioner under the threat of losing health insurance to appoint someone handpicked by the Assemblyman  so he would then by hired and the council. This meeting and its contents was confirmed by the commissioner who unlike the witch put on last night corroborates what Councilman Rodrick has said the entire time.  The simple truth is the Mayor and his council wants Rodrick gone because he refuses to just go along with what passes as leadership in this town and stands up for its residents and calls them out time and time again.

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As residents of Toms River we must now in turn stand up for Councilman Rodrick and demand a complete ethics investigation is done as well as charges brought if indeed our pay to play laws have been violated with the no bid contract handed to the assemblyman last night who was a donor to the Mayors campaign. It is also time to put the Mayor and council on notice that when we can once again show up at town hall for these meetings we the residents of Toms River want answers and we will not stand for this.

Mayor Hill was elected by the slimmest margin in our town’s history and should be reminded that we do have recall laws in place that can easily be triggered. Councilman Rodrick stood up and has been attacked by political vultures and now we must stand with him and fight for our town

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Signed, Jimmy Roland

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