Watch as “Karen” Coronarages At Red Lobster, I Want My Motherf8cking Money Back!


York County, PA –  When you have dozens of people waiting outside the local Red Lobster for as many as three hours to get their $7.99 family meal deal, you know things can go bad.  Throw in some coronavirus lockdown and things can quickly go from bad to worse.  Throw in the fact that it’s Mother’s Day, Karen just needs to see the manager and get a refund before going back to her car to write a bad Yelp review.  That’s what happened at the York County, Pennsylvania Red Lobster on Mother’s Day as one irate customer barged through the doors and demanded some satisfaction.  It was long before fists started flying and Karen picked up her glasses and went home.

Karen just wants her motherf*cking money back

Kathy Hill said she just wanted her motherf*cking money back after waiting    “I am coming in there, I’m getting my refund…I want my money refunded,” Hill shouted at restaurant staff before going Hip Hop Worldstar on the staff.

Red Lobster said of the scuffle, “We do not tolerate violence for any reason in our restaurants. We expect our team members treat our guests with respect, and we expect our guests to treat our team members with respect in return. We are grateful our Manager and the guest involved were not seriously injured in the incident on Sunday.”

Karens across America have been coronaraging since the pandemic began…here’s just a few:

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