How Quickly Flattening The Curve Has Turned into Socialism in New Jersey

TRENTON, NJ – In the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems like 15 years ago, we were told to self-quarantine.  The reason given was that our hospital system could not handle a massive influx of COVID-19 patients.  We were all going to sacrifice a few weeks out of our lives in order to make sure everyone who gets sick can get the quality medical care they need.  By all indications, and by Governor Phil Murphy’s own admission, the curve has been flattened.  Hospitals beds are freeing up, less people are sick, less people are getting infected and less people are dying.  Now, the message from Murphy and other socialist governors across the country is that flattening is the curve, but now that isn’t good enough. We need to find a cure.  We need to eradicate a disease that will probably not be eradicated by human intervention in the next few years. That’s the where Murphy moved the goalposts in the past two weeks after New Jersey flattened the curve like a champ.

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Treatment options have improved.  We have drugs like hydroxychloroquine when given at the onset has proven helpful in preventing serious cases.  In mid-stage, we now have remdesivir, which is helping those patients and in critical stages, we are growing our supplies of convalescent plasma.

Murphy and other governors are tightening the screws of oppression.  Murphy keeps moving the goal post and now, more than ever, we don’t need more government, we need more people back at work, out of their homes and living their lives.  COVID-19 will always be there.  Just like many other incurable diseases, cancer, AIDS, HIV, hepatitis, herpes, leukemia, muscular dystrophy, parkinson’s disease and the list goes on.  Some have vaccinations, some don’t.   Most have a responsible treatment plan that can limit their effect and prolong lives.   There’s no cure for the common cold.  It’s a fact of life, but now the government, if it really wants to do its job should focus on treatment and vaccines, not quarantine, that will eventually kill more people than the disease itself as mental health problems increase, suicide and financial ruin.

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We don’t want your stimulus.  We don’t want your checks.  We want to get back to work to Keep America Great.

Governor Murphy has not laid out a clear plan and he needs to do it now. Not tomorrow.  Not in 15 days. Not in 30 days.  He’s going to have an all-out rebellion on his hands in the very near future, because we all know how the stories end for socialist dictators.  Not well.  He’s had his 60 days of socialism, he’s been supreme commander.  Now it’s time to come back down to reality Philly boy, because word on the street in New Jersey is that most people are losing their patience and would take the chance with the virus than be faced with personal financial ruin which is what you are now doing.   Find plan…execute the plan.  Americans don’t run and hide.  It might be in the fabric of some in our country, but the majority of Americans are fighters.  We’ll fight COVID-19. We’ll fight to defend the constitution of the United States.   Socialist play hour is over.  You’ve had your fun.

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