Jersey Shore Business Owners Sue Governor Murphy “The loss of liberty is at hand”

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TOMS RIVER, NJ – A group of Jersey Shore business owners have teamed up to sue Governor Phil Murphy and the State of New Jersey over what they are calling an unconstitutional forced closure of their businesses.  Car Wash & Beyond, Razberri Hair Salon, and Perfect Swing Golf are three of the businesses involved in the lawsuit. The lawsuit begins as a testimony to the freedoms offered by the Constitution of the United States.

“Every day in America, mayors and governors — not one of whom is constitutionally or lawfully empowered to author laws and assign punishments for their noncompliance — are imposing new standards of behavior that nullify liberty in the name of public safety,” the suit states.  “The consequences to personal liberty in a free society that are inevitable when those in whose hands we have
reposed the Constitution for safekeeping have failed us. Their failures have also been a violation of law.”

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The lawsuit also takes aim at Governor Phil Murphy’s declaration, “The Bill of Rights is above my paygrade.”

“In Murphy’s New Jersey, one can sit in a car and wait in line at McDonald’s for an order of paper-wrapped cheeseburgers and fries, but one cannot sit in a car and wait in line to pick up cellophane-wrapped palms from a box in a Catholic church parking lot on Palm Sunday. Nor can one sit in a car in a line at a town square,” the suit reads. “The quintessential venue for expressing political beliefs and grievances with the government — and shout, in unison, what one thinks of Phil Murphy. That’s because the governor and his folks have told local and state police — many of whom I know hate doing this because they believe in the Bill of Rights — that their job is to disperse people, no matter the reason for their gathering.”

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The filing, says the defendants are seeking protection and relief from fanatics and extremists, none of whom can be trusted with unlimited power over others, lies not in their forbearance but in the
limitations of our Constitution.  It claims the precedent at stake in this lawsuit will extend far beyond the life of COVID-19. If you give any government an inch they will take a foot and erode the
checks and balances that protect individual liberties, thereby shortening the reach of the government.

You can read the full complaint here.