Last Surviving Drive In Movie Theater In New Jersey to Reopen May 22

DELSEA, NJ – As Governor Phil Murphy has allowed operators of drive-in and drive-through businesses the privilege to reopen, the Delsea Drive-In has announced they will reopen.  The Delsea Drive-in is New Jersey’s last operating real drive-in movie theater.  Although towns like Jackson, New Jersey are trying to get a foot in the door with a pop-up drive-in theater in their park, Delsea is the real deal.

“We are now scheduled to reopen on May 22, 2020,” Delsea said. “We have been bombarded with email requests for info and requests for info on Facebook. We had to wait for the restrictions to be lifted and details about how we need to proceed. We are working with our film booker and will post titles ASAP. When titles are confirmed, we will set up online ticket sales. All tickets will need to be purchased online. Instructions on ticket purchase procedure and safety requirements will be posted ASAP.”

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There is a lot that needs to happen within a small window of time, the company said.   For weeks, fans of the theater have been bombarding the governor’s office with phone calls and emails.

“THANK YOU to all patrons making the effort and taking the time to contact the governor,” Delsea said.  ” Your gesture is most sincerely appreciated and heartwarming. We are so very anxious to see you all again…even if it is from a “social distance.” We will keep you posted as to the status regarding reopening.”

Check out the Delsea Drive-In page for more information.

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