Space Farms to Open as Drive Through Zoo; Owner Continues Fight for All Businesses


Parker F. Space has been one of the New Jersey lawmakers fighting Governor Phil Murphy head-on in recent weeks and today, he announced his very popular Space Farms Zoo is back in business.  “These are just a few of the faces you will be able to see from the comfort of your car. “Follow” or “Like” Space Farms Zoo & Museum Facebook Page for the opening date and time with details. Don’t forget Grandma and Grandpa,” the zoo said on Facebook.

“Good news! We found out today we will be allowed to open as a drive thru. We will be working on details and as soon as we have plans in place we will post! This is a whole new experience! Stay tuned!! Hoping for next Friday, May 22nd,” the company said.

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Space is now focusing his attention in the New Jersey Assembly towards bi-partisan effort to keep Governor Phil Murphy in check.  Echoing constituent messages that all small businesses are essential to their owners and employees, Assemblyman Parker Space, a Republican, was joined with Branchville Mayor Tony Frato, a Democrat, in a call to responsibly and safely reopen New Jersey.

They are advocating for struggling small businesses and the more than one million New Jerseyans who have filed for unemployment.

“Many small businesses and their trade groups have put together plans to safely and responsibly reopen, but their pleas are falling on deaf ears in Trenton,” said Space (R-Sussex).  “It is why I signed on to the ‘Healthy Citizens and Healthy Business Act’ to allow non-essential businesses to reopen providing they comply with safety protocols.”

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