Watch: New Jersey Police Shut Down Outside, Driveway Workout

HADDONFIELD,NJ – The Murphy crackdown continues around the Garden State, even as some signs of life are appearing this week.  A workout group led by trainer Kelly Coffey Meyer went to the local park to work out while practicing safe social distancing.   They were kicked out by park staff, so Meyer told the group to meet up at her house and work out in her driveway.  Minutes later, despite safe social distancing and being outside in accordance with Governor Phil Murphy’s large gathering guidelines, police arrived to shut them down.   It turns out a neighbor called the police.  We attempted to reach out to the neighbor, but Karen would not comment.  The problem? They were working out in a group larger than 10.

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“Tried to workout with my friends outside. Parks and Recreation worker told us to laave and that we were  breaking the rules,” Coffey said. “So, we went to my property…still 6’ apart. Police officer (he was very nice) came by and said a neighbor called to complain so he has to stop us from gathering together.
We have to start speaking up because if we don’t our Freedom is at stake.”