Secaucus Woman Spits at Cops, Guards After Police Respond to 911 Hang Up

SEACAUCUS, NJ – An irate woman spit at a police officer and guard in Secaucus, New Jersey this week and was charged for disorderly persons.   This week, there was a movement in Trenton to increase fines for people who spit at first responders during COVID-19 but that law has not progressed as of today.

One Person Charged in Secaucus

Margaret O’Leary, 20, of Secaucus, N.J., was charged on May 12 with four counts of aggravated assault on a police officer (3rd degree), two counts of throwing bodily fluids (4th degree), resisting arrest (3rd degree), and disorderly persons offenses after an incident that began with a 911 hang-up call marked by screaming in the background. Upon their arrival at her home, Secaucus Police encountered what they described as an irate and combative O’Leary.

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She allegedly approached police and pulled at one officer’s vest, then allegedly kicked the same officer in the groin. When an ambulance arrived, O’Leary refused medical attention.At police headquarters, O’Leary reportedly became combative again. As police tried to transport her to an ambulance, she allegedly removed a spit guard and spit at an officer.Once in the ambulance, O’Leary allegedly removed a second spit guard and spit at another officer. In addition to the other charges, O’Leary was charged with refusing to be fingerprinted, a disorderly persons offense.