Fauci Says Americans May Need Immunity Papers…Why Not Citizenship Cards or Voter I.D.?


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Dr. Athony Fauci and many others in the United States government are talking about COVID-19 immunity cards.  In our first feature, How COVID-19 Immunity Cards Will Negatively Affect Those Who Followed The Rules, today, we’re looking at the political flaws of the immunity cards.   This one is quick and short.  We’re already debating and discussing whether or not those who followed the rules should be penalized, tracked and in some cases, maybe even isolated from the general public, but America will not have real discussions on two other forms of ID that you can argue are more important than immunity cards.

First is voter I.D. cards.  The left has been fighting the voter I.D. card for years now.   When you think about it, you need an identification card in America to drive, drink, smoke, fish, buy a gun, travel, get a credit card, buy a home, rent a home, and countless other daily life encounters.   Why not a voter I.D. card?   COVID-19 immunity cards will violate far more of America’s civil rights than a voter I.D. card can ever imagine doing.   It just doesn’t make sense. None of it makes any sense.

The other is a citizenship card.  Why can’t legal citizens of the United States get an identification card to prove their citizenship?  We have passports, driver’s licenses, and social security cards.  Passports verify your citizenship, but they don’t fit inside your wallet.   Drivers’ licenses and social security cards do not prove your citizenship. Birth certificates also aren’t wallet-friendly.   There used to be an I-197 card, but those are no longer in use.   Why not make life simple and issue citizens a citizenship I.D. card that doubles as voter registration identification?


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