Bellmawr Police Change their Tune After Murphy Warns of “Different Reality” for Owners Today

BELLMAWR, NJ – Police officers in Bellmawr returned to the Atilis Gym today and issued a warning to protesters to vacate the premise and that they were in violation of Governor Phil Murphy’s executive order.  “This gathering is in violation of the governor’s order and you are expected to immediately disperse. If you do not disperse you can be charged,” the police officer told the group of about 50 protesters.    Police issued owners a second citation today.

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Some protesters said it was not fair for the state to impose $15,000 fines for violating Murphy’s Law.  Police instructed protesters to leave the parking lot and return to their cars.  After dispersing, many protesters returned to their vehicles and began playing music in the parking lot.  Several police officers waited in the parking lot and in front of the gym.