Guest Column: Let’s Look a Little Closer at who WHO Really Is


by: Domenick Bizzarro

NEW JERSEY – The World Health Organization, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, has recently come under intense criticism by numerous countries around the world. Critics have pointed to Dr. Tedras, Director General of the W.H.O., as being ineffectual and being a pawn of China.

Dr. Tedras, born in Eritrea, was Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2012-2016. He was chosen to head up the various components of the W.H.O. to promote worldwide safety, stability, and “general health concerns.” His supervision has been fraught with claims of unfettered carte blanche spending by the staff of the W.H.O. Examples are $200 million in 2017, spent on First Class travel and lodging at Five Star hotels around the world. In 2019, over $192 million were spent on such gratuitous travel. These expenditures were not related to the goals as specified by the W.H.O.’s mission statement.

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The founder of the World Health Organization, Brook Chisholm, had a different perspective of the function of the W.H.O. Dr. Chisholm, previously headed the World Federation of Mental Health. This morphed into today’s W.H.O. Dr. Chisholm’s belief in “There must be an opportunity to live reasonably comfortable for all the people in the world on economic levels which do not vary too widely either geographically or by group within a population. This is a simple matter redistribution of wealth.” * Wittingly or unwittingly the United State has continued to be the major financial contributor to the goals as established by the radical thought of the W.H.O.’s founder.

In the current Corona, Covid 19, pandemic, the head of the W.H.O., Dr. Tedras has again demonstrated a lack of clear headed and nonbiased leadership. As early as 2019, the CDC voiced a concern about global pandemics. In 2005, a documentary, made by the W.H.O., was widely and universally distributed. (Documentary 2005 – Pandemic). In January 2020, there were red flags concerning and outbreak of a strain of influenza emanating from China. Taiwan voiced concerns to Dr. Tedras regarding the corona virus. Dr. Tedras extolled the work China was doing and their complete transparency in containing said virus. Not only was Dr. Tedras duplicitous in misleading the world as to the extent and severity of this virus, but he excluded Taiwan from participating in any meetings. Under the advice and direction of China, Taiwan was prohibited from participating in the “emergency Committee of the World Health Organization on January 22 and 23, 2020.

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The sacrifices Americans have made during this ongoing pandemic have been overshadowed by the mismanagement of the W.H.O. and Dr. Tedras. His attempts to absolve China, as the initiator and progenitor of this world-wide pandemic are reprehensible. It is time for the United States to cease funding of the out of control World Health Organization. Their goal is for the promotion of income equality, the redistribution of wealth, and the coddling of totalitarian government of China. No longer should we fund an organization that continues to be diametrically opposed to the free worlds’, especially America’s, sovereignty, and democratic forms of government around the world.

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*Chisholm Speech Conference, Asilomar, CA 1954