Phil Murphy, Bellmawr Police Arrest Man For Working Out at “Illegal” Gym


BELLMAWR, NJ – Things looked like they were going well for the owners, patrons and supporters of the Atilis Gym in Bellmawr, New Jersey on Monday, but today, after threats from Governor Phil Murphy, the situation is going south very quickly.   Minutes ago a man exiting the gym was arrested by Bellmawr police officers after exiting the gym.    Even though other businesses including a Dollar General and a chiropractor office remain open, police and Governor Murphy increased their crackdown against the gym today.

Police officers then began following gym patrons exiting the facility to their vehicles and asking the for identification, even trailing patrons in their vehicles after leaving the property.

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On Monday, arriving officers seemed almost supportive of the gym’s civil disobedience.

“We have come to advise you that you’re in violation of an executive order,” the officer told the owners. “We are and were always here for everyone’s safety. We planned for the worst and hoped for the best and that’s what we have here today.  Formally you are all in violation of the executive order.  On that note, have a good day, everybody be safe.”

That changed when officers returned to issue summonses to the business owners.  Later that day, Governor Phil Murphy threatened the business owners and patrons of the business.

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“If you show up at that gym tomorrow, there will be a different reality than showing today, these aren’t just words, we also have to enforce this, but I also don’t want to start World War III.  I’m not worried about that right now, but people are doing the right thing…because they’re smart.”