Governor Murphy, Steve Sweeney Exchange Barbs Over When to Reopen New Jersey


TRENTON, NJ – New Jersey State Senator Steve Sweeney, a Democrat today was quoted in the Press of Atlantic City as saying, “My big fear is we’re going to reopen later than we should.”  It was a comment directed at the seemingly haphazard plan for reopening businesses that many in the state still can’t figure out.   In New Jersey, you can go to your local Target or Walmart to buy beauty products, but beauty supply stores remain closed.  You can buy garden supplies from Lowes and Home Depot, but garden supply shops are shut down.  You can buy alcohol, cigarettes and vape products at the local liquor store, but vape shop owners are being charged with criminal charges for operating their own business.   It makes no sense.

Now, some in his own party are starting to feel the heat being created by the seeming runaway train Murphy’s reopening plan has become.

Phil Murphy’s constituents let him have it.  Here are just a few comments made by residents made in response to Murphy’s response.
  • I’m with Senate State President Sweeney. Reopen New Jersey!
  • Wait a minute this is the same Governor that put people back in nursing homes and let them die. He’s worried about people outside in fresh air that are healthy please stop the dictatorship he wants to ruin this economy.
  • Open up and let people decide on their own. Mask or no mask, should be up to them not you. Let the residents of this state decide what’s right for them
  • I cannot wait to vote you out of office. You have and still are making poor decisions. Nothing is for the people. It’s all about what is making you $$$.
  • I don’t think Sweeney is saying he fears re-opening too late and would exchange lives for it. He’s saying the data might support the avenues he suggests, that’s good for the economy, and it will not result in more loss of life. Those things are not mutually exclusive.
  •  It’s not your job to dictate what is best for every individual in this state. You have greatly overstepped your position and are abusing your power by holding us hostage. Get out of the way! Give us our freedom back instead of what your personal beliefs are.

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