Phil Murphy: There was never a curfew

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy, months after announcing an 8 pm curfew for the state of New Jersey said this week, there was never a curfew in the State of New Jersey.  “There was never a curfew, the word curfew, I used inappropriately about two and a half months ago, there was never a curfew, I said my piece,” Murphy said.  He also made it clear that his recommendation to wear face coverings when outdoors is also a suggestion and not a law.

Earlier this week, we debunked two other Murphy’s Law crackdown myths.

We debunked two Murphy’s Law lockdown myths once and for all, the first one being the forced wearing of face masks when in public and the second, the mysterious 8 pm curfew.  Murphy admitted, neither requirement exists and both are simply friendly guidance from the guy in charge.

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Let’s start with the 8 pm curfew, you know, the one where the coronavirus comes out once the sun sets putting you at higher risk for infection.

“That was advice, don’t go out after 8:00 p.m., it was never a curfew,” Murphy said at Tuesday’s daily COVID-19 press conference and he was backed up by New Jersey’s Chief Legal Counsel Matt Platkin.

“There is no and has never been an 8:00 p.m. curfew. If you’ve been abiding by one, I’m sorry,” Platkin said.

Murphy also said no law requires the public to wear face masks at all times. Murphy said that he still encourages residents to stay home and wear face coverings all the time, even when eating McDonalds on a private charter bus to and from your daily COVID-19 briefings.

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“I think it’s in place, frankly, we’re still staying at home 24 hours a day, if you can,” Murphy said.   “Do I think we’ve got social distancing, including masks, social distancing, washing hands with soap and water, in the absence of a vaccine? We’re not mandating you wear a mask, but we are strongly encouraging you to do that, and staying, you know, apart from people. Again, one guy’s opinion, I think that’s the new norm.”

Under Governor Murphy’s executive order, face coverings are mandatory in indoor public spaces and stores.  You do not have to wear a facemask at the beach, park, boardwalk, walking down your neighborhood street, on a boat, in your car, climbing a tree, building a castle or participating in outdoor physical activities.    As for the 8 pm curfew, that was originally intended as a closing time for businesses, because you know, the ‘rona lurks in the dark here in Jersey.

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