North Wildwood Mayor Creates “Drinking Districts” for Public Alcohol Consumption During COVID-19

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NORTH WILDWOOD, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy, who’s known to love his alcohol, has restricted much of what small business in the Garden State can do, except when it comes to alcohol.  Restaurants can now serve alcohol for on-site pickup to customers.   North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello has come up with a solution to allow some sort of normalcy and to prevent DWI by allowing outdoor seating at some restaurants.

“The new alcohol to-go law is an effort by the Governor to ease some of the financial strain on restaurants and he should be applauded for this effort,” Rosenello said.  “However, as one can imagine, when customers pick up their to-go cups, many are not waiting until they get home to consume them.”

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In an effort to head off what would be an enforcement nightmare, North Wildwood has designated certain areas in Commercial Districts where the consumption of alcohol will be allowed until the public health emergency is over. Specifically at tables and chairs placed in the public right of way adjacent to bars and restaurants. This consumption is only permitted in those areas and absolutely no gatherings of non-household or family members is permitted.

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