Planning Memorial Day? Avoid Point Pleasant, It’s a Depressing Police State

POINT PLEASANT BEACH, NJ  – Today, we took a drive to Point Pleasant to see if the situation on the ground is as bad as it appears for Memorial Day weekend, and all I can say is, it’s worse than we thought.  Driving through Downtown Point Pleasant today was like driving through a post-apocalyptic town in a Fallout video game.  Crossing the tracks into the beach area was no better.  First, you’re greeted with a warning (threat) sign, that parking is for locals only, so as a family, we already got the feeling we’re not wanted.  Of course, as publicized, nothing is open, everything is closed and the warning signs (threats) every 5 feet are intimidating enough that you don’t even want to stop for takeout because of the potential hassle it might create, especially being an outsider, who is of course not wanted.

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Point Pleasant Beach police are notorious for their already overzealous parking ticket habits when there’s no pandemic, but today, just two days before Memorial Day weekend, take the mayor’s advice, there’s nothing to see here.  We figured we’d hit the Manasquan Inlet and it was a scene out of a quarantine horror movie with even more warning signs (threats).  No fishing.  No Parking. Stay in Your Car. Social Distance. Don’t Fart. Look Straight. I said look straight, son.

It’s just not worth it. Don’t bother. Write the place off for the summer.  The boardwalk will be closed, the beach is closed. Restaurants are closed? We don’t know, we were too afraid to check.   The one thing we do know, is the town doesn’t want you there and the locals don’t want your COVID-19.   Point Pleasant Beach has had just 35 COVID-19 cases and 5 deaths…and it’s very clear the town wants to keep it that way.  Your trip to Point Pleasant this summer isn’t panning out to being fun in the sun, but more like a sentence in a Russian Gulag.

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The worst part about Point Pleasant Beach, a town that survives on the goodwill of outsiders to survive and thrive is their blatant message of, “Stay the F’ Out!”.

Try again next year, I suppose.  We’ll be in Wildwood.


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