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Can Shoplifter with Lifetime Ban from Kohl’s Really Win an Election for U.S. Congress?

TOMS RIVER, NJ – Former Burlington County Freeholder Kate Gibbs had it all. She was a female Republican in a largely Democrat-leaning political stronghold in Burlington County, but then something happened. In 2018, Gibbs lost her bid for re-election to a Democrat named George Youngkin. After news broke that Youngkin was arrested in 2006 following a domestic disturbance incident, he pulled out of the election that September. Despite not being a candidate, Youngkin remained on the ballot and defeated Gibbs in her own county. She lost by approximately 10,000 votes behind the disgraced Democrat candidate.

Coming into 2020, Gibbs had everything going her way. She had growing support as an up and coming female Republican starlet in the New Jersey Republican Party. Then, it hit. A few weeks prior to her nomination selection in Ocean County, the Asbury Park Press published a story that destroyed her entire political career. It was found that Gibbs had skeletons in her own closet. It’s a closet where you won’t see any newer clothes from Kohl’s in it because, in 2007, she was caught shoplifting clothing from the department chain. Subsequently she was found guilty of her crime and received a lifetime ban from the store.

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The Burlington County Times reported more unsavory infractions by Gibbs, “As a student at American University in Washington, Gibbs was sued by her landlord on nine occasions between 2006 and 2008 for failure to pay rent on an apartment she shared with a friend. On three occasions, Gibbs entered into a default judgment with her landlord for unpaid rent and was notified of the risk of eviction for nonpayment.”

Then in 2008, Gibbs was charged in Long Beach Township with 50 grams of pot, 5 grams of hash and drug paraphernalia. If that wasn’t a bad enough bombshell for wannabe congresswoman, in 2014, she was charged with drinking on a public beach in Sea Bright. A year later, she was running for Burlington County Freeholder and was able to conceal her past from the voters in that county.

The 2020 Ocean County Republican Party nomination was hers to lose before the devastating news story hit. The rank and file leadership of the party, which received nearly $20,000 in political campaign contributions remained behind her…why not? They got paid to be behind her. All those campaign donations couldn’t help Gibbs as she lost to business entrepreneur David Richter in a vote by the second tier-leadership of the Republican Party. While the exalted kings and queens of the land supported Gibbs, the lords and ladies of the land, the mayors and club presidents, overturned the decision of the kings and queens. Richter defeated Gibbs and got the Trump party line in Ocean County.

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Now with the odds heavily stacked against her, Gibbs holds the line in Burlington County, where she couldn’t muster a win against a non-existent candidate who allegedly beat his wife. It’s doubtful that anyone not on the take in Ocean County will continue to back Gibbs, especially after learning she, through her union is now financially funding Phil Murphy Democrats statewide. Gibbs gave Murphy Democrats in key races around New Jersey nearly $200,000 in campaign donations through the trade union where she serves as Deputy Director. In a nutshell, you can say without a reasonable doubt that Kate Gibbs is financially funding the Phil Murphy shutdown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Gibbs is now allied with Rikin Mehta on the Ocean County ballot line. Mehta also lost the March Republican primary nomination in Ocean County. Mehta was hit hard in Ocean County because of his pro-prescription drug stance. Ocean County is not only in the middle of a coronavirus pandemic, it is suffering from a very deadly prescription opioid addiction epidemic. During Mehta’s campaign kick-off back in 2019, the former Obama administration FDA executive vowed to fight to strengthen Big-Pharma’s grip on the opioid-based prescription drug industry. Mehta was easily defeated by Atlantic City Republican Hirsh Singh for the line in the county to the dismay of the party establishment elites.


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