Governor Murphy will go for a stroll on the Seaside boardwalk this weekend

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SEASIDE HEIGHTS, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy will leave his safe zone in Monmouth County and break quarantine for a stroll on the boardwalk with his wife in Seaside Heights or Seaside Park this weekend if the weather breaks.  “I will be somewhere, weather dependent, on the boardwalk probably doing a run and strolling a little bit with my wife somewhere in the Seaside Heights, Seaside Park neighborhood, sometime this weekend. I’m not sure, I don’t have an exact moment as to when,” he said.

During the Friday press conference though, Murphy added that indoor entertainment facilities such as arcades, restaurants, games of chance, amusement rides and other boardwalk amenities may not be opening any time soon.

“Nothing new to report on arcades or shops. You know, this will depend on if we continue to have another couple of good weeks here, my hope is that we get to that, particularly if they’re outdoors,” Murphy said.

On Saturday, activity in Seaside Heights was pretty good with beachgoers social distancing and sporadic, socially distanced groups people walking the boardwalk once the rain gave way to partly sunny skies.

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Murphy applauded a dismal weekend weather outlook.

“Mother Nature is not, as I said yesterday, I’m normally, overwhelmingly and I hope it’s 85, sunny and low humidity. It’s going to be none of that this weekend. And so I’m not happy to say that, by any means,” he said. “I’d prefer it to be otherwise but in this extraordinary moment, it probably gives us, almost certainly gives us, an opportunity to creep into the summer a little bit more gradually than it otherwise would have.”