Report: Murphy Shuts Down Outdoor Dining in Wildwood, Sends Helicopters to Make Sure

NORTH WILDWOOD, NJ – Just as life in Wildwood was starting to look a little more like the old normal, Governor Phil Murphy flexed his political muscle and made sure things in this shore town revert back to his vision of a “new normal”. This week we reported that North Wildwood Mayor Patrick Rosenello created a few safe havens for outdoor drinking in accordance with Governor Murphy’s allowance for bars to start selling mixed drinks and cups of beer. Rosenello’s logic behind the districts was simple, less people driving around his city with open containers in their vehicles and small areas to promote social gathering while adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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This weekend, Murphy told Rosenello the practice must be stopped. A report later claimed New Jersey State Police helicopters were seen flying over the northern end of Wildwood where North Wildwood’s restaurants and bars are located, possibly spying on the town from above.