$500,000 Toms River Lawyer McGuckin a No-Show at First Meeting Since Hire


TOMS RIVER, NJ – Toms River Mayor Maurice Hill and the Toms River Council hired U.S. Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin to a $500,000 annual job as the chief legal counsel for the township.  On Tuesday, the council hosted their first public meeting since hiring McGuckin, but the consummate politician who holds approximately 25 to 30 public jobs was a no show.  McGuckin instead, was present at the Jackson Township municipal council where he also serves as chief legal counsel.  Both Toms River and Jackson Township hosts their bi-weekly public meeting on the same day of the week, at the same time.  When McGuckin was asked two weeks ago, how he could be in two places at the same time, he replied that his schedule is none of anyone’s business.

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