Testa, Doherty Introduce Bill to Limit Murphy’s Executive Powers


VINELAND, NJ – Not all Republicans in Trenton are working to stroke the undercarriage of Phil Murphy and tighten his grip on New Jersey, like Ocean County Assemblyman Gregory P. McGuckin. McGuckin, an Ocean County Republican with 30 public jobs, that’s right, 30…give or take a few, recently introduced a bill in the Assembly to fine the good people of New Jersey $15,000 for violating Murphy’s executive orders. That’s right, not every Republican is a fraud just padding his own pockets and enabling the governor, there are people out there like Senator Michael Testa who are rolling up their sleeves, getting ready for an all-out slugfest against Governor Murphy.

Senator Michael Doherty and Senator Michael Testa have introduced legislation to place limits on Governor Phil Murphy’s executive orders and those of future governors. “Last I checked, the State of New Jersey had three branches of government, not one,” said Doherty (R-23). “The governor’s preference to lead via executive order rather than through collaboration with elected legislators has proven to be dangerous and deadly. Our proposal to place limits on executive authority will ensure that the administration is transparent about the continued need for any executive orders that it believes should be extended.”

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“Gov. Murphy’s strategy of governing primarily through executive order is alarming,” said Testa (R-1). “Over the past two months, New Jerseyans have watched with frustration and anger as executive power has been abused with little input from the public. The governor has said repeatedly during his briefings that the public’s concerns don’t impact his decision-making process. That’s outrageous. Since Governor Murphy does not seem to care about the economic harm his executive orders are inflicting on New Jersey families and small businesses, it’s imperative that the Legislature has the opportunity to protect New Jerseyans.”

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Doherty and Testa’s legislation, S-2482, would prohibit the governor’s executive orders from exceeding fourteen days unless the legislature approves a longer period of time through a concurrent resolution.

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Testa has come along way as a New Jersey senator during COVID-19. He started the pandemic baking bread, tossing pizza and sharing recipes, but now that the COVID-19 smoke has cleared the kitchen, he’s back to work, fighting against Phil Murphy, no disrespect meant to the first-year senator.

Now for the sad reality of this bill. Republicans in New Jersey couldn’t get a bill across Phil Murphy’s desk, even if it pledged even more funding for planned parenthood because they just don’t have the votes and Phil Murphy of course, would veto this bill if by chance it ever hit his desk. We have better chance of have a cure for COVID-19 long before this bill ever became law.

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Testa with “Mr. New Jersey” Michael Shapiro at the Wildwood Trump rally earlier this year.