Robert Singer Tells Murphy to Reopen Business in New Jersey

LAKEWOOD, NJ – Sen. Robert Singer and Assemblymen Sean Kean and Edward Thomson issued a joint statement urging Gov. Phil Murphy to reopen businesses. “We need to start reopening more businesses and services in New Jersey. The number of deaths, new cases, and hospitalizations from Covid-19 are thankfully decreasing. However, many people and businesses are financially at a breaking point. We are hearing heartbreaking stories from families and businesses who cannot pay rent, are waiting for unemployment or are facing other dire financial circumstances.

“As we approach June 1 and unemployment in New Jersey has hit 15 percent, we are imploring Governor Murphy to reopen non-essential businesses to foot traffic, service professions such as salons and barber shops, and other industries that can implement health precautions. People need to get back to work and businesses need to open their doors.”

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