Three Times America’s Notorious Lockdown Politicians Changed the Rules to Benefit Themselves


NEWARK, NJ – Three of America’s most notorious COVID-19 lockdown politicians are facing criticism this week after they tried to bend their own lockdown rules to serve their own goals and agendas.  New Jersey, Michigan and California have perhaps the most strict lockdown laws in the country, but top politicians in those states have either amended regulations to suit themselves or tried to skirt their own regulations.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy has held a death grip on tens of thousands of struggling businesses in his state.  His small business lockdown has been regarded as inconsistent and oftentimes incoherent.  His detractors, such as his former campaign opponent Joseph Rullo has often alleged Murphy is picking and choosing winners in the COVID-19 lockdown.  New Jersey Democrats and Republicans alike have criticized Murphy’s draconic laws that are smothering and slowly killing off small businesses in his state.

This week, Murphy announced that professional sports are now an allowed business.  It turns out, Murphy is the owner of a professional women’s soccer team, Sky Blue FC.  Murphy’s new ruling allows his own business to operate, yet his executive order enforcers continue to criminalize small business owners statewide.

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Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer

Gretchen Whitmer sometimes referred to as Grinchin’ Whitmer, rules her land of Michigan with an iron fist.   Like Murphy, her subjects are revolting against her severe lockdown policies that are also crippling small businesses in her state. Before Memorial Day, Whitmer urged Michigan residents not to travel to the waterfront in Traverse City.   It turns out, she wanted the place all to herself and her husband.  The couple owns a boat that is in storage in Traverse City.  They also have a nice vacation home nearby.

After telling her subjects to steer clear of Traverse City, Whitmer’s own husband called a local boatyard in the city and asked for his boat to be put in the water before Memorial Day.  A man called his office and demanded his boat be put in the water.  When owner Tad Dowker told the man, “no can do”, the man pulled the “I’m the governor’s wife” card.

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“Being Memorial weekend and the fact that we started working three weeks late means there is no chance this is going to happen,” Dowker said.

“I am the husband to the governor, will this make a difference?” the man asked.  On Wednesday after Memorial Day, Whitmer said her husband was just kidding.

Los Angeles Police Chief Michael Moore

Los Angeles is in full lockdown mode and the mayor there says it will pretty much remain that way forever. While enforcing the state’s lockdown at work, police chief Michael Moore had some problems on the home front. Moore’s department has been the hammer behind the state’s aggressive stance against violators.  The city was criticized for extremely aggressive policies when it came to prosecuting residents and business owners alike.

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“This is not just irresponsible,” Moore said of the hoodlums in his city exercising their constitutional rights. “It is not only endangering themselves but their employees and everyone else in that community and I am proud of City Atty. [Mike] Feuer and of his work and the prosecution of those individuals.”

Then, against the state’s quarantine rules, Moore dispatched his wife to Arizona, where the air is clean and the land is free to get a pedicure…you know at a nail salon…like the ones Moore has been fining and shutting down in Los Angeles.

“Took a road trip to Arizona just to have a manicure and pedicure,” wife Cindy Moore posted in a now-deleted message on social media. “Fun few days hanging out and doing ‘normal’ stuff.”