Murphy’s Weird Science: COVID-19 Exposure 19 Times More Likely Indoors than Outdoors, So Stay Indoors

TRENTON, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy today said the chances of risk of COVID-19 infection is 19 times higher indoors than it is outdoors.   This news was delivered by the governor after he just had his entire state locked inside for the past 60 plus days.   Murphy said this as “STAY AT HOME” was highlighted below the table as he was speaking.  Remember folks, this is all based on science.  The disease is more likely to spread indoors, so the governor is advising you to stay indoors until the numbers get better.

We’re not sure what his interpreter is saying here, but we have an idea.

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“The chances of risk of whether it’s an infection or a droplet hitting you are 19 times more indoors than out of doors,” Murphy said. “Which is another reason folks why we are being very, very careful, exceeding careful on indoor sedentary, lacking ventilation realities.”