Urban Digital Art Project Making a Wave Around the World

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA – D’strict, a South Korean digital solutions company is making waves this week after unveiling their latest work, “Public Media Art #, Wave”.  The company which has mastered the art of digital effects and illusions is now getting notoriety for their achievement.  This isn’t the first time D’strict wow’d the world. They have created several stunning visual arts concepts for advertising, marketing and entertainment in the past.  The company is one of the pioneers of outdoor digital effects and displays.

“District is a design company that designs innovative space-based user experiences (UX) through content creation using digital media technology . District, which has changed its flagship business in response to changes in various digital media technologies since its establishment in 2004, has launched a world’s first digital theme park, “LIVE PARK” in 2012, and has a new concept of entertainment based on content (IP) on a specific theme. We are carrying out the “Digital Theme Park” business that realizes space and the “Digital eXperience Design” business that provides innovative spatial experiences for HIGH-END real estate and brands,” the company said.