Watch Chris Cuomo Fail Repeatedly to Bait Murphy into Bashing Trump


TRENTON, NJ – CNN host and professional Trump-hater Chris Cuomo unsuccessfully attempted to bait New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy into turning an interview about New Jersey’s COVID-19 into a Trump-bashing session.  Several times throughout the interview Cuomo tried to divert the conversation into a message against President Donald J. Trump and failed miserably.  Murphy was not taking the bait and remained on topic, even praising the President for the common ground he and Trump have found during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Murphy said Memorial Day weekend was a positive experience for the state, but bad weather skewed his ability to properly assess the results, compared to a full weekend of good weather, especially at the Jersey Shore.

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“Listen, we’ve been able to find a lot of common ground with the Trump administration and I’m grateful for that,” Murphy said. “It doesn’t mean we agree on everything.”