Firefighter, Black Business Owner Finds Out Looters Burned His Bar to the Ground, Stole His American Dream

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – Before another person says the looting and rioting going on in Minneapolis has anything to do with improving the situation for black Americans or justice for the murder of George Floyd, here’s the truth, it’s not.  This is evidenced by the burning and looting of the Scores Sports Bar in the city that was looted, vandalized, and destroyed.  Scores Sports Bar was set for a grand opening this spring but when COVID-19 hit that was put on pause. Now, just as Scores was gearing up to welcome customers with updated guidelines from the governor, George Floyd was murdered and everything changed overnight.

Scores Sports Bar fell victim to looters Wednesday night. This black-owned business is left trying to pick up the pieces amidst mourning with the community.

Kb Balla & his wife Twyana are active members of their community. KB is a firefighter with the Brooklyn Center Fire Department and Twyana was a member of the Sounds of Blackness. They have four beautiful children and the toll of this entire situation is heavy. KB has been a community entrepreneur for decades and coaches and contributes to the community in which they live.

“I have been an entrepreneur in the State of Minnesota for many years, and my community really showed their love in the rawest form. Many of you know that Scores Sports Bar was my DREAM. It was all coming together and when COVID-19 hit, the reality of not being able to open for a grand opening was difficult,” Balla said.  “With the help of my family and friends, I pushed through. To find out that the countless hours, hard work, late nights away from my kids, and family had all been for nothing was soul-shattering. It is not the material things, more so the time that cannot be reclaimed.”

That day the bar was looted and vandalized.

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“While filming for CNN, people came in trying to steal the safe and I wondered what next? My community, that’s what. Strangers showed up with brooms, cleaning supplies, trash bags, and food. They helped me and my family clean up in 20minutes what would have took days,” he said.

The next morning, Balla was working his shift as a firefighter when his station got the call that his building was burned to the ground.

“I was doing my shift at the fire station this morning when I got the call that the entire building had been burnt down last night. My heart was heavy, and I had to leave work because the emotional toll was too substantial,” Balla said.

Now, the community has rallied behind Balla and his family and he has raised over $100,000 through a GoFundMe to help him rebuild his American Dream that was looted, vandalized and burned down in the name of justice.






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