Atlanta Police Chief Said Riot Was by Highly Calculated Terrorist Organization

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ATLANTA GEORGIA – Atlanta Chief of Police Erika Shields said after being caught off guard by rioters in her city, she, her officers and the National Guard are ready and prepared to make sure it doesn’t happen again.   Last night she said her police force was overwhelmed as rioters were shooting guns, throwing Molotov cocktails and throwing knives.    She also said today she knows the violent rioters are part of a highly calculated terrorist organization and going forward, will be treated as such.

“These were not Atlantans. They were lost in the protest.  They didn’t know how to march to the state capital,” Sheilds said.  “They were here to destroy Atlanta.  We know who organizes protests in Atlanta and they didn’t know these people. You caught us off balance once, it’s not going to happen twice. I feel we’re in a good place and we’re just ready now to start locking people up.”

“They were not fighting for anyone’s civil rights, they were here to destroy Atlanta,” Shields said.  “As we come back today, there will be a zero-tolerance policy, there will be now lawlessness…these people who think they are going to come here and destroy our city, they are sorely mistaken.”

A 9’oclock curfew has been established for tonight.  “I’m ready to lock people up,” Shields said.

Rodney Bryant the interim director of corrections supported the statement of the police chief as the day comes to an end in Atlanta.

“We will carry out our duties tonight,” Bryant said after the city has received a National Guard Deployment. “If you’re out in these streets after 9 o’clock, we recognize that if you’re out beyond that time, it’s for ill intent and we will have to address you and set your manner.:

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On Friday, Atlanta Police officers, along with multiple local and state law enforcement partners, were working to restore order in the city. Protestors have caused extensive damage to patrol vehicles and buildings in the area of Centennial Olympic Park Drive and Marietta Street and have looted several businesses in the same area. They started several small fires, including setting fire to an APD patrol vehicle.

“We have issued disbursement orders and deployed tear gas in an effort to break up the protests,” the department said. “However, officers continue to endure nearly constant assault, including protestors shooting BB guns at them, throwing bricks, bottles, rocks and knives at them as they continue their efforts to protect property and lives. At the moment, at least three officers have been injured in the confrontation and we are aware of multiple arrests.”

After backing down and containing the riot, the department and the mayor were unanimous in their resolve to make sure tonight is not a repeat of last night.

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