Parent Related Youth Sports Violence Down 100% in 2020

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DELMARVA, MD – Parent provoked violence at youth sports events has declined nearly 100% this spring thanks to COVID-19, but as America begins to reopen and sports leagues and travel teams get their game back on, here’s hoping the trend can continue.

Let’s face it, parents in youth sports are under a lot of pressure.  There’s 9 kids on a baseball field and according to statistics, only one of those kids will get a scholarship for college to continue their sports career at a higher level.   When the coach benches their 10-year-old in the 5th inning with runners on second and third, down by a run, it’s a lost opportunity and perhaps the college recruitment deal-breaker mom and dad just don’t need right now.

Incidents of youth sports violence can range from parents arguing with coaches over playtime, coach vs. coach altercations and yes, even parent vs. player altercations.  Rarely do we see player vs. player violence in youth sports.

While some incidents inevitably involve parent vs. umpire or coach vs. umpire, unfortunately, the guy behind the plate couldn’t see a semi if it was coming straight at him because he still refuses to wear his glasses and was out drinking until 2 am the night before…being 95 doesn’t help the situation either.  It’s kinda his fault, no?

If the early waking of America this week is any indication of what to expect out on the youth sports fields, it’s not looking good.  America has awoken to riots, looting and burning of cities.    The stress level is already high as a good portion of the seasons are over before they start.  There are just not enough innings in the upcoming season for suzy to impress the imaginary college coaches in the stands and not enough tournaments to break last year’s production totals, so the pressure is on for mom and dad.  Let’s not forget dad’s been out of work for two months and mom has been homeschooling all three kids.  The coach better watch himself, because she “ain’t putting up with any sh*t this summer.”

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Let’s pray for the best. Until then, let’s take a look at some of the classic youth baseball and softball brawls to remind you, as a parent, the legacy you’re going to leave your child if you go that route.  Just remember, it’s 2020.  Everyone has a phone with a camera and these videos usually go viral.


Parents Brawl at Softball Tournament

I have no idea what started this. I have seen fights at tournaments before but never a brawl like this.

Posted by Fastpitch Softball Videos on Monday, June 25, 2018

We can assume that mom Clara was upset because Becky didn’t get enough time this game at SS and played 2 innings in right field.

They say the story behind this one is that the coach told this guy that he and his daughter should stay home and not come to the tournament because he’s a problem parent.   We don’t see it, but here’s how it turned out.

Fight at youth baseball field

A brawl at a youth baseball tournament at Indianapolis Sports Park was caught on camera on Sunday.In it, you can see a coach charge at a parent with a bat in his hand. Thankfully, nobody was hurt. More:

Posted by FOX59 News on Monday, May 7, 2018

In this video classy coach charges class backstop dad with a bat, no doubt because the coach made Johnny throw a change up that hung over the strike zone and was crushed over the left-centerfield fence.

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