Georgia National Guard Deployed to Atlanta

ATLANTA, GA – The Georgia National Guard has been deployed to Atlanta on a mission to support the civilian law enforcement organization to protect life, liberty and property against what is being called a well organized terrorist organization by city officials. Military Police of the Georgia Army National Guard assembled at locations across Atlanta to ensure public safety.  Soldiers from the 201st Regional Support Group left their training center for their presence patrols in Atlanta beginning tonight.

“These Soldiers were highly motivated and honored to serve the city of Atlanta,” the command said.

Overnight, National Guard Defense Support of Civil Authorities, the 265th deployed for their mission.  They will be assisting the city’s police officers as they change their mission from conducting the Infection Control Team and COVID testing sites missions directly to supporting local law enforcement in civil disturbances.

“The Soldiers of the 265th stand ready,” unit commanders said on Facebook today.

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