Phil Murphy’s Weird Science: New Jersey Essential Workers Can Now Drive to Delaware for Haircuts

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WILMINGTON, DE – With barbershops and hair salons still on full lockdown in New Jersey, many New Jersey essential who haven’t had their manes trimmed in over two months can head south to Delaware for a haircut.  Delaware Governor John Carney has reopened both industries but across the Delaware River for essential workers only, the act of cutting hair could cost a small business owner a $1,500 fine or even worse, revocation of their business license.

We won’t even get into Carney’s weird science of why it’s safer for barbers to cut the hair of essential workers and not the general population.

If you plan on heading to Delaware this weekend for a haircut…and just typing that is absurd…know the rules before you go.

  • Barber Shops & Hair Salons Stations should only be open on a staggered basis – every other station can operate at any time with a customer.
  • There must be at least six feet of distance in all directions between the station and other stations (this may at times require the closing of more than one station).
  • At no time may a salon exceed 30% of their fire code occupancy.
  • The responsibility of strictly enforcing this lies with the store owner/manager.
  • Services must be provided by appointment only and appointments must be scheduled with a minimum of fifteen (15) minutes between appointments for proper cleaning.
  • Entrance doors must include signage that walk-ins are not permitted.
  • Clients waiting for appointments must wait in their car or outside the store.
  • Limited contact during check-ins and payment is strongly recommended: Limit cash transactions, encourage customers to use credit, debit, or other contact-less forms of payment.
  • Cash registers and pin pads must be sanitized after each use.
  • Proper safety procedures and cloth face coverings must be used by staff and customers at all times as set forth in the State of Emergency Orders.
  • Social distancing requirements of 6 feet should be maintained when feasible.
  • Magazines or other materials may not be provided by the salon or shared among customers.
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