Phil Murphy to Protesters, Looters, Rioters: Get Yourself a COVID-19 Test


ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – After riots and looting broke out in several cities, including Trenton, Asbury Park, Newark and Atlantic City, Governor Phil Murphy said those individuals should get tested for COVID-19.

“Mayor Baraka [Newark Mayor] said that he felt like the folks who had gathered in close proximity on Saturday night in Newark should get tested and I endorse what he said,” Murphy said of the protesters in New Jersey’s largest city.  “I think if you’re in close proximity, it is a wise thing to do. I would say please continue to do what Milly has been doing more diligently than I have in the past hour, wear face coverings, stay away from folks.”

Murphy, who has been a staunch advocate for wearing face coverings and social distancing relaxed his position in recent days for the protesters and rioters, but today signaled concern that those individuals could be infected after seeing video coverage showing disregard for social distancing and many looters not wearing face coverings while entering and exiting doorways of retail businesses they were looting.

” The process, by the way, I have a personal window in this, the process for testing, not only are there a ton more places to get tested, but the process is increasingly very straightforward. I had a family member yesterday morning, 10:15 appointment in Toms River, it took her a total of 10 minutes,” Murphy said.  “The entire experience she had — sorry, that was two days ago, pardon me, it was on Monday. She had an email at 6:00 p.m. yesterday, so whatever that is, 32 hours after having gotten tested. It was very straightforward. It was that easy, self-administered front lobe of the nose.”

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