NJ Business Owner Fined by Murphy Today for Hosting Peaceful “Open NJ” Rally Last Week


Hacketstown, NJ – Last weekend, the Randolph Pickleball Center hosted a pro-business demonstration against Governor Phil Murphy.  Police were in attendance and the peaceful civil rights protest was a success.  There was no looting, no rioting, no burning of police cars. It was just business owners begging their governor to allow them their right to work, earn a decent living and to begin putting food back on their families’ tables.

Then, out of nowhere today, owner Jenny Rogers, who runs the center received to summonses in the mail from the State of New Jersey.  The state cited Rogers for violating Governor Murphy’s Executive Orders and aiding and abetting others in violating the governor’s orders.  The fines both carry $1,000 penalties each and up to six months in prison for each offense.

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“As many of you know my name is Jennifer Rogers and I ran the rally to support N.J. businesses who are still shut down by our governor last Saturday at Randolph Tennis Center. The event was a wonderful show of support for all businesses involved. I felt supported by the town of Randolph as well as the police as the police were in attendance and even provided their cell phone number in case there were any issues,” Rogers said.  “Today when I arrived home I received these two summons. Unfortunately, in trying to show support for all of us who are on our way to going under financially or who already have I am now facing up to ONE YEAR IN JAIL and a $2000 fine.”

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Both citations were dated May 30th, the day of the rally.

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