Letter: Watching the Cities Burn


I grew up in Florida. In FL language, excuse me if I offend. This is not something that is happening as a result of poor Mr. Floyd being murdered by 4 cops. This has been brewing since the Democrats lost the last election. Mr. Floyd’s murder just happened to be at an opportune time. If it were not that, it would have been something else. The COVID-19 situation and the murder were great opportunities for unhappy politicians to strike with their hatred and retaliation.

Suddenly, bricks are showing up at strategic locations so these anarchists can use them to assault innocent people with. The cops in NYC were told by their “wonderful” Mayor to go lightly when dealing with the persons who are destroying the city. It took Warren Wilhelm Jr (de Blasio) several days to put out a curfew order. Other major city Mayors are just as evil.

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Interesting how this is occurring in the cities run by, guess which party??

The President of the United States (POTUS) had a large set of gonads to walk from the Whitehouse to that Church the other day and hold up a bible. I cheered from my sunroom. The left said it was a stunt. No, it was a moment in time for history to remember, that he had no fear and was not going to take crap from anyone (They set fire to a Church!!!). He held up the bible and I cried. I am sure the Secret Service people were having angina attacks. He did it anyway. God is in charge, not those Satanic SOB’s.

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Not one person looting and destroying property in these cities and towns gives one iota about that man who died in MN. How does stealing a big screen TV from Target keep the memory of a murder victim in the forefront of your mind? Or five pairs of Nike sneakers?

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What is going on here is much deeper and more dangerous than even what we are watching on our TVs. There is an undercurrent of political maneuvering occurring. These actors are just idiots who happen to be taking advantage of a bad situation and are helping out the evil politicians without knowing or caring. How fortunate for the “leaders” with the “D” after their names.

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I hope, come November, we the people will be able to right this horror. If people can go out each night and cause mayhem in the streets, don’t tell me we have to mail in our ballots. What, so they can get lost? NO. I want to stand in the cubicle with the curtain drawn, and pull that lever and have it count!

I also believe the Democratic party wants to see the collapse of this Country. God Bless the USA. I vote.



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Dianne McFeeters
Glassboro,New Jersey