Lacey Township Police Department Prepares for Black Lives Matter March

LACEY TOWNSHIP, NJ – A Black Lives Matter march has been set for Wednesday in Lacey Township and police are hoping for the best, but still making preparations to ensure the safety of all involved.

“The Lacey Township Police Department is aware of the upcoming peaceful walk/march scheduled for this Wednesday, June 10, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. in Gille Park. Members of the Lacey Township Police Department and the Township of Lacey have spoken directly to the organizer to ensure a peaceful walk/march. We appreciate everyone that contacted us, and all of your concerns,” the department said. “Our number one priority is to maintain the safety of our community while allowing a peaceful demonstration. As a police department, we fully support the first amendment rights of everyone, and we are taking every precautionary measure to ensure this is a peaceful event. Thank you in advance for everyone’s cooperation and have a great day.”

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