Jeff Van Drew Consistently Voted Against Trump on Immigration While in Congress

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Ocean City, NJ – In further proof of Jeff Van Drew’s liberal, out-of-touch record, Numbers USA gave Switcheroo Van Drew a D+ on immigration issues.

Van Drew received an average grade of 35% based on a series of votes and positions. For example, Van Drew co-sponsored and voted for amnesty legislation, voted for increased visas for foreign workers, and opposed President Trump’s border wall.

In contrast, conservative Bob Patterson received a “true reformer” label for his opposition to amnesty and sanctuary cities and his support for securing the border, ending chain migration, and putting American workers first.

Van Drew’s grade of D+ follows a long list of other liberal grades and endorsements. For example, Van Drew received a 100% rating from Planned Parenthood and is currently endorsed by the radical anti-jobs lobby, the Sierra Club.

“When it comes to securing our border and protecting American workers, Jeff Van Drew has sided with his liberal buddies in Washington over hardworking New Jersey citizens,” said Bob Patterson. “As South Jersey struggles with sky-high unemployment, our citizens deserve better. I pledge to support President Trump in his effort to put American workers first and secure our border.”