Report: One New Jersey City Just Announced Indoor Dining Starting June 15th, Overruling Murphy’s Law


ASBURY PARK, NJ – For almost a month, we’ve been waiting for the first municipal or city governing body in New Jersey to have a set big enough to challenge Governor Phil Murphy’s unconstitutional business shut down.   We honestly thought the move would come in the highly red-driven Ocean County County towns, but according to the Coaster Online, an authentically local Asbury Park newspaper website, Asbury Park just laid down the law first.

According to the Coaster, city officials today said they are letting their restaurants and bars reopen with indoor dining starting the 15th of June. Guess what New Jersey, you’ve all been played.  This has always been a local enforcement issue.  Murphy’s people behind the scenes, according to our sources have been leaning heavily on local county prosecutors and police departments to enforce his laws, but like he said at Tuesday’s press conference, this is a local enforcement issue.

We can only hope more municipalities and cities across the state follow the lead of Asbury Park and start taking back their home rule, which is guaranteed in the New Jersey constitution.  The stay at home order has been lifted.  Murphy screwed himself after attending this weekend’s rallies, so it’s game over for Murphy.  If your town leaders don’t follow suit, guess what, elect new town leaders in the next election.

Photo: HBO – The Sopranos sitting down to eat dinner inside a restaurant in their fictional depiction of New Jersey.



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