Did Governor Phil Murphy Just Violate Another Executive Order, Having Dinner at a Restaurant?


BEDMINSTER, NJ – Governor Phil Murphy maintains a strong chokehold on New Jersey restaurants and bars, forcing their closures.  On Monday, Murphy will lift his ban on outdoor dining.  Until then, both indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants, bars, pub, clubs and others is prohibited under Murphy’s Law.  In fact, Murphy just this week sued the city of Asbury Park for violating his orders for indoor dining.    No restaurant in New Jersey is allowed to have outdoor dining before Monday.

So then, there’s this.

“Just finished dinner in Bedminster, New Jersey, with Governor Phil Murphy and his wonderful wife, Tammy. Talked about many things, including the opening of the beautiful Garden State, getting people back to work, and rebuilding America’s infrastructure with projects like the Portal North Bridge, which I have given the authorization to proceed,” President Donald J. Trump tweeted.

Now, unless they ordered food to go and ate it out at the curb like the rest of us are supposed to in New Jersey, which is highly unlikely, Murphy just violated his own orders again.

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His last post on Facebook last night, was literally, “The evidence is overwhelming and the experts are clear: #COVID19 is more lethal inside than outside. It’s too soon to open restaurants for indoor dining. We won’t budge on protecting public health. Public health experts say Asbury Park’s plan to allow indoor dining will boost the risk of coronavirus infection for patrons and staff.”

Ok, so we don’t want to go and beat up the President here, because he probably thinks Murphy’s Laws are ridiculous like the rest of, and quite honestly, he’s above the bull-sh-t laws Murphy is making, but Murphy, being a leader should have led by example.  A picture of Murphy and Trump sitting on the curb outside the restaurant sharing a paper bag full of fries, diet cokes in red solo cups and a couple of cheeseburgers would have made a great statement for both Murphy and the President as to the seriousness and correctness of Murphy’s weird science.

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It’s highly doubtful that the President and Murphy went to the President’s private golf club restaurant and placed a to-go order and ate it under the stars in a non-restaurant setting.

P.S. Mr. Trump, please go get a COVID-19 test, Murphy has had a lot of contacts in the past 7 days.